L-Dopa Print Shop

1965 Ford Mustang GT for the L-Dopa Print Shop


Security Camera App

The Wall Street Journal

The Best water Guns for Drench Warfare


Mad to the Max


  Water Recycling Fish Farm

The L-Dopa Print Shop is Open

Check out: http://shop.l-dopa.com for museum-quality prints of my classic car illustrations. Desktop wallpapers too!

Classic Car Series

1997 Mini Cooper MPi


Spam Libs


Smart House

Classic Car Series

1977 Lincoln Continental Coupe, with a little wear (available as wallpaper)

Harvard Business Review

Products have dematerialized over time, yet our dependence on materials has grown.

Classic Car Series

1975 Lincoln Continental Town Car (available as wallpaper and calendar)

Personal Work

A beautiful bedroom

Personal Work

a very nice vintage stereo



TIME Magazine

Former Super Bowl Halftime Show Performers


Who Owns Farm Data?


NYC buildings for an identity system

Classic Car Series

Ferrari 288 GTO (available as wallpaper!)

Classic Car Series

1968 Mercury Cougar (available as wallpaper!)

Classic Car Series

Audi 4000 CS Quattro (available as wallpaper!)

Personal Work

He's updated his sleigh, and his organization, for the 21st century.


No Sleep for Bees

Princeton Alumni Weekly

Driverless Car (available as wallpaper!)

Men’s Health

Can drones do beer runs?

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