Canadian Automobile Association

These spots for the Canadian Automobile Association highlight alternative uses for cars. From left to right: package delivery location, private napping zone, rentable resource for learning how to drive a manual transmission.

Road & Track

I had a lot of fun drawing these cars for a Road & Track piece in which they reviewed the previous six winners of their Performance Car of the Year test. From left to right: the 2014 Corvette, 2015 ...

AAA Living

An illustration for an article about how to prep your home, car, and wardrobe for winter weather. Click on the image to see it animate.

Philadelphia Magazine

A map of new, downtown Philadelphia hotels showing properties by number of rooms (size of circle) and construction date (color of circle: cyan: 2018, tan: 2019, purple: 2020)

Innovation Leader

Report illustrations

iL Research

2019 Research Report Cover

IEEE Spectrum

Illustrations that map out ways in which cities can become "smart." This includes things like sewage monitoring, telecommunications (wi-fi/ 5G monitoring), security, tree monitoring, street light control, ...

Consumer Reports

This illustration accompanied an article on automotive deal breakers that might not be so easy to spot on a test drive, things like poor visibility, cramped rear seats, bad interior interfaces, poor stopping distances, and road noise.

Fast Company

Illustrations of electric cars that represent Tesla's competition. The Tesla is at the top.  Tesla Model 3 VW ID.3 BMW i3...

Omega Lifetime, Apollo 11

Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket

Omega Lifetime, Apollo 11

Apollo 11 Flightpath

2019 L-Dopa Postcard

Innovation Leader

This illustration served as the cover for Innovation Leader's 2018 research report.

Field & Stream

This map/infographic shows opening-day hunting information across the entire continental United States.

Men’s Health

Virginia-class submarine spot illustration

Men’s Health

These are water quality maps for the United States.

Consumer Reports

An illustration detailing which filters in homes people should be regularly changing

Consumer Reports

Major grocery chain store fronts

Men’s Health

A camping skills spread for Men's Health

Men’s Health

A house populated with smart products


Imagining a public transit system for Orcas Island.

Princeton Alumni Weekly

Finch family tree

Vision San Juans

A logo concept for a non-profit


An illustration of the Lego House lego museum in Billund, Denmark.

Princeton Alumni Weekly

This timeline appeared in a several-page article outlining Princeton's relationship with slavery since the university's founding.

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