This pair of illustrations was featured along with the Engadget Winners and Losers of 2016 story.


This is the logo Engadget asked me to create to accompany their year-end Winners and Losers of 2016 story.

Hearst Media

This set of six illustrations show how hydrogen is delivered, processed, and stored at a hydrogen fuel station before fueling up a hydrogen car. ...


The stadium images were drawn for an ESPN NFL guide. ...

Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Operations

The Atlantic

This timeline, for sponsored content created in conjunction with The Atlantic and Sonos, maps out the major developments in music media formats and playback devices. It also compares the media formats in terms of fidelity.

Classic Car Series

I drew this 1944 Willys MB Jeep for my automotive illustration site, nikschulz.com.

Princeton Alumni Weekly

This piece for the Princeton Alumni Weekly illustrates new evidence that Red Wolves and Eastern Wolves aren't separate species but hybrids that fall on the DNA spectrum between Gray Wolves and Coyotes.

ESPN Euro 2016 Stadium Guide

These illustrations were part of ESPN's Euro 2016 Stadium Guide. I created ten illustrations for the site which were animated by the talented Rich Hinchcliffe. ...

L-Dopa Print Shop

The BMW M3, this one drawn for the shopping side of my site, is now an '80s icon and a highly sought after sports sedan. 

L-Dopa Print Shop

This illustration, for the shopping side of my site features the 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL art car painted by Alexander Calder and entered in that year's Le Mans 24-hour race. 

Harvard Business Review

This Elements of Value chart for the Harvard Business Review illustrates and organizes the multiple ways in which businesses can add value to a product and raise it above commodity status.


   Jurassic Butterfly: It turns out that a butterfly-like creature existed 150 million years ago in the Jurassic period, then went extinct. Nature then re-evolved the butterfly 50 million years ago as flowering plants came into being. Very interesting!

Harvard Business Review

How to visualize data from complex relationships, in the case population movement between 10 American cities.


The thrill of the treasure hunt and the boom of the outlet mall.


Jargon Watch: Viperblack, a technology similar to black viper snake scales to create a fabric that's 40% darker than standard black.


CRISPR, a technology for copying and pasting genes

Philadelphia Magazine

A map of the extensions planned for SEPTA, the Philadelphia public transit system.


GM and Lyft are Building a Network of Self-Driving Cars


Jargon Watch: Pogo Jet, is a less-lethal bullet with it's own propellant.

Field & Stream

The Minnesota Triangle (of Fish)


Icon set for an article about shopping around for health care.

Client Test

A test illustration in a new style


An icon set for an article comparing cold versus flu symptoms

Rensselaer Polytechnic Alumni Magazine

An illustration highlighting some of the possibilities of smart lighting: (from left to right) color shifting from blue to red to aid the transition to sleep, automatically set heating and cooling based on sensing the people in the room, tuning lights ...

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