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AAA Living

An illustration for an article about how to prep your home, car, and wardrobe for winter weather. Click on the image to see it animate.

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Philadelphia Magazine

A map of new, downtown Philadelphia hotels showing properties by number of rooms (size of circle) and construction date (color of circle: cyan: 2018, tan: 2019, purple: 2020)

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IEEE Spectrum

Illustrations that map out ways in which cities can become "smart." This includes things like sewage monitoring, telecommunications (wi-fi/ 5G monitoring), security, tree monitoring, street light control, ...

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Innovation Leader

This illustration served as the cover for Innovation Leader's 2018 research report.

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Consumer Reports

Major grocery chain store fronts

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An illustration of the Lego House lego museum in Billund, Denmark.

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The stadium images were drawn for an ESPN NFL guide. ...


Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Operations

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ESPN Euro 2016 Stadium Guide

These illustrations were part of ESPN's Euro 2016 Stadium Guide. I created ten illustrations for the site which were animated by the talented Rich Hinchcliffe. ...

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The thrill of the treasure hunt and the boom of the outlet mall.

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Rensselaer Polytechnic Alumni Magazine

An illustration highlighting some of the possibilities of smart lighting: (from left to right) color shifting from blue to red to aid the transition to sleep, automatically set heating and cooling based on sensing the people in the room, tuning lights ...

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The Connected Home

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Smart House

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NYC buildings for an identity system

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Men’s Health

Space Needle

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Expansion Plans Could Make California Tax Incentives a Tougher Sell

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Map of Downtown L.A.

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Deconstruction Zone

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Same Day Delivery: How Amazon, Walmart, and ebay do it.

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New York City Media Development 2002–2011

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Business Person of the Year

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Omega Lifetime

London Olympics

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The Economics of High School Football

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Real Estate Forecast

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