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Consumer Reports

An illustration detailing which filters in homes people should be regularly changing

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Men’s Health

A camping skills spread for Men's Health

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Harvard Business Review

This Elements of Value chart for the Harvard Business Review illustrates and organizes the multiple ways in which businesses can add value to business products to elevate them above commodity status.

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The new sport of drone racing

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How to VR.

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How to live stream.

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The Atlantic

This timeline, for sponsored content created in conjunction with The Atlantic and Sonos, maps out the major developments in music media formats and playback devices. It also compares the media formats in terms of fidelity.

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Product illustrations for San Francisco-based Ammunition Group.   

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Security Camera App

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The Wall Street Journal

The Best water Guns for Drench Warfare

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Harvard Business Review

Products have dematerialized over time, yet our dependence on materials has grown.

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Personal Work

a very nice vintage stereo

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Men’s Health

Shaving Icons

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Why the Internet Needs Cognitive Protocols



The Future Issue

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Travel + Leisure

Travel Icons

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Home Automation Table of Contents

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Men’s Health

Tech Guide Illustrations ...

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Fast Company

Unlikely Content Producers

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Omega Lifetime

Women's Edition

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Reader’s Digest

U.S. Borders Infographic

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Bank Customer Service

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O, The Oprah Magazine

Make Me a Ten, Icons ...

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Chronicle Books

Fun things to do with kids for the book Handy Dad.

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Nike +

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