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Omega Lifetime, Apollo 11

Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket

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Omega Lifetime, Apollo 11

Apollo 11 Flightpath

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Men’s Health

These are water quality maps for the United States.

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Hearst Media

This set of six illustrations show how hydrogen is delivered, processed, and stored at a hydrogen fuel station before fueling up a hydrogen car. ...

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Princeton Alumni Weekly

This piece for the Princeton Alumni Weekly illustrates new evidence that Red Wolves and Eastern Wolves aren't separate species but hybrids that fall on the DNA spectrum between Gray Wolves and Coyotes.

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   Jurassic Butterfly: It turns out that a butterfly-like creature existed 150 million years ago in the Jurassic period, then went extinct. Nature then re-evolved the butterfly 50 million years ago as flowering plants came into being. Very interesting!

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Harvard Business Review

How to visualize data from complex relationships, in the case population movement between 10 American cities.

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CRISPR, a technology for copying and pasting genes

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Water Recycling Fish Farm

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The Coronary Calcium Scan

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Men’s Health

DaVinci Surgical Robot

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Health Issues

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Home Automation X10 Arduino Notification System

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Home Automation Table of Contents

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Bloomberg Markets

Sea Level Rise

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Men’s Health Books

Diet Book Icons

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Green Myths ...

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Converting Biomass to Energy

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